Montreal: The Big O with a ski jump in 2017?

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Montreal: The Big O with a ski jump in 2017? It wouldn’t be the first stadium to have one, but in this case the Olympic Stadium tower is just asking to have a ski jump installed onto it. And so it may have in 2017 to celebrate Montreal’s anniversary.


In 2017 Montreal turns 375 years old. A cause for celebration and one of the events commemorating this anniversary may be quite extreme. INBOX events hopes to install a temporary ski jump onto the Olympic Stadium tower. It would be one for extreme sports, not regular ski jumping. The company has experience in extreme sport events and wants this one to be special.

For obvious reasons the 165-meter high inclined tower would make for a spectacular venue. Its sloped shape seems almost natural for this kind of event and INBOX already consulted athletes, technicians and stadium management: there should be no problems in making it happen.

One major fear was whether the tower would hold such a temporary structure. Consultations suggest not even the slightest negative impact should occur to the overall stadium structure. It’s a sensitive subject and also quite delicate structure, because the tower supports synthetic permanent roof over the field. At present the roof has over 6,000 cracks or holes (!) in it, which makes fears of possible deterioration understandable.

Olympic Stadium Montreal

Olympic Stadium Montreal© Lilia Laurent (cc: by-sa)