Baku: First test passed by Olympic Stadium

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Baku: First test passed by Olympic Stadium New national stadium of Azerbaijan successfully went through its very first test event. In a 7-hour exercise 15,000 volunteers used both the building and transport network around it.


Traffic was restricted on Saturday near southern waters of the Buyukshor Lake, where the brand new Olympic Stadium stands. From noon until early evening 15,000 volunteers of the 2015 European Games were using infrastructure in and around the stadium.

They gave a test run to the modernized public transport system in Baku, which will be used by thousands in just one month, as Baku opens the European Games on June 12. The Saturday test took 7 hours and saw volunteers also trial the ticketing and identification systems, among others.

“This was a great opportunity to thank our Flamekeepers for the important contribution they will make to the inaugural European Games by giving them the first glimpse inside the magnificent new Olympic Stadium,” Baku 2015 chief operating officer Simon Clegg said.

Baku Olympic Stadium