Sweden: Malmö supporters to remove all seats from their terrace

source: StadiumDB.com; author: michał

Sweden: Malmö supporters to remove all seats from their terrace Spring will see an unusual start in Malmo, Sweden. Fans will dismantle roughly 3,000 seats from their north stand, making it a good old terrace again.


While many leagues are already in full swing after winter, in Sweden clubs and fans are only now gearing up. Supporters of Malmö FF are in a somewhat rare position as they have to gear up literally, in screwdrivers.

This Saturday from noon onwards fans from the community around well-known ultra group Ultras Malmö will be dismantling roughly 3,000 seats from the north end of their Swedbank Stadion (or Nya Malmö Stadion, as they prefer). When finished, the conversion will give up to 6,000 standing capacity, much more appreciated by the vocal support of MFF.

Swedbank Stadion© Ultras Malmö

It’s not a new thing for them as it happened in the past, but surely a challenge when considered how much work needs to be done. Initially free Swedish Cup semifinal tickets were considered as an incentive for those who come, but Malmö were knocked out by Orebro last Saturday. Potentially a new reward will be figured out for active participants, but for now everyone who comes may count on refreshments and food during activities.

Malmö FF had to install seats in Autumn as they participated in the Champions League. After finishing last the team are now left with only domestic games, for which standing room is permitted and preferred by many traditional fans.