Russia: FK Krasnodar await playing field

source: /; author: michał

Russia: FK Krasnodar await playing field Already in October the new stadium in Krasnodar will be handed over. To keep the deadline, preparations for turf installation are already ongoing.


While all concrete works have been delivered already and the cable roof structure hovers above stands, workers concentrate on other areas of the FK Krasnodar new stadium. Most progress is happening under the stands, on public concourses and in future offices.

However, there’s also one crucial area where preparations are in full swing. Drainage, irrigation and under-soil heating for the future football field are under construction. The 30,000+ capacity stadium is to be delivered by October and so initial layers of the field’s basis are being laid.

Interestingly, the cable roof will significantly obstruct sunlight access to the turf. Despite the stadium’s medium size, already now decision was made that special lamps will be used in the long term to support proper growth of the field.

Stadion FK Krasnodar