Moscow: Spartak stadium accessible by boat?

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Moscow: Spartak stadium accessible by boat? It’s settled: a marina will be built beside Otkritie Arena, allowing fans to travel by boat straight from the Red Square or from the Luzhniki national stadium.


Otkritie Arena has been open for over half a year and seems to enjoy rather good publicity. The stadium, despite high price, was voted third most popular new stadium in our annual Stadium of the Year competition. In daily use it gets significant turnouts as attendances for all Moscow derbies so far (Lokomotiv, Dynamo, Torpedo) were between 36,000 and 39,000.

Now it’s time for transition of the neighbouring areas. The stadium currently stands somewhat alone on the vast site of former Tushino Airport, but will soon be surrounded by blooming construction sites. Works on vast residential estates should begin this spring.

Otkritie Arena

Apart from the housing, shopping center, recreation spots and offices are planned. But possibly most interestingly for us, the stadium will be possible to reach by boat/ferry. A marina will be built nearby, allowing connections with places like the Red Square or Luzhniki national stadium. Of course subway should remain the fastest connection, but this does seem like a worthy alternative for tourists or World Cup visitors.