Jerusalem: Teddy Stadium goes solar

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Jerusalem: Teddy Stadium goes solar The Jerusalem-based Teddy Kollek Stadium is the first in Israel to use photovoltaic panels. The city hopes to save up to ILS 400,000 annually by this project.


Further upgrades at Teddy Kollek Stadium have been confirmed this week. In July installation of photovoltaic panels is to begin. They should begin producing electricity by year end.

The batteries with a power of 639 kilowatts will be able to produce 1 million kilowatt-hours per annum. They will be mounted atop the roof structure.

Teddy Kollek Stadium© Univercol

Jerusalem municipality, who own the stadium, are hoping for significant cost relief after the operation is complete. The stadium should save up to ILS 400,000 every year ($100,000 / €92,500). While the solar power cannot provide enough electricity on matchdays, it should suffice for daily operations.

 “Now we are pleased to combine sports with sustainability and green energy, and make Teddy Stadium the first sports facility in the country running on solar energy. We all hope that Israeli and Jerusalem teams will enjoy the new energy, which will bring about many victories”, said Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat.

Teddy Stadium was opened in 1990 and then expanded to the north (1999) and south (2011). It already plays the role of Israel’s national stadium and home to Jerusalem’s major clubs.