Glasgow: Rangers fans offer to repair Ibrox for free

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Glasgow: Rangers fans offer to repair Ibrox for free One of Scotland’s biggest club’s is in dire situation, not being able to afford some works required at the stadium and training centre. Supporters offered their time and are ready to work for free.


Last week the newly-elected  non-executive chairman of Rangers Dave King said the club’s facilities lack repairs that need to be carried out. The club estimated earlier that works could cost as much as £10 million ($7.5m / €7m). This would improve quality of the aging Ibrox infrastructure and Murray Park training centre.

Ibrox Stadium© Stephan Hoogerwaard

In a reaction to the situation, Rangers supporter Allan Woods launched an online appeal to fellow fans of various specialties to help by offering their work. “Tradesmen in all trades are especially required but there is also plenty of work for the unskilled. This is our chance to show Rangers fans are simply the best. We can save the club £5m a year by mucking in.”

A team of around 50 painters, joiners, brickies, plasterers and welders might now move in if asked by the club. Director John Gilligan said: “The club very much appreciates this kind gesture by the fans.

“We are assessing the overall condition of the stadium to prioritise the essential works required. We will make contact with the supporters in the coming weeks should we require their assistance.”