Frankfurt: Commerzbank stays until 2020

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Frankfurt: Commerzbank stays until 2020 For many fans it’s still the Waldstadion, but for the next 5 years it will continue advertising Commerzbank in its name. Agreement was announced today and will run out on June 30, 2020.


Opened in 2005, the new stadium replacing former Waldstadion in Frankfurt has had a naming rights holder since its opening. Commerzbank signed a decade-long deal which was to end this June. However the parties decided to continue together until June 2020.

The partnership between Commerzbank, city of Frankfurt and Sportfive was announced today. All partners agreed not to reveal the contract’s value.

The stadium offers extensive exposition to its sponsor, being the fourth most popular destination in Germany (1.6 million per annum) and the single most successful host of non-sporting entertainment events. The latter represented over 340,000 people last year. Overall 2,000 events were held here since 2005, attracting a total of 12.5 million visitors.

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