Russia 2018: Rostov cannot be delayed any more

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Russia 2018: Rostov cannot be delayed any more The delivery date for Rostov’s new stadium is already at critical deadline of December 2017. It won’t be ready until half a year before the World Cup. And may need a roof redesign…


The stadium under construction on the southern bank of River Don isn’t enjoying an easy start. The delivery time has been switched from May to December 2017, which is the last deadline acceptable by FIFA for World Cup stadiums.

Build’s progress is now at a decent pace with 70 pieces of machinery operating day and night. But the project is still at an extremely early phase of piling works. By the end of January roughly one in four piles was installed in the ground, representing roughly 2,000 of 8,000 that are to be mounted in order to stabilize the future stadium. While works go on around the clock, residents of central Rostov are experiencing noise pollution at night.

Stadion Rostov

But before actual stands went under construction, a problem was submitted by Krokus International, the company leading works on site. Krokus claims the roof needs to be redesigned, because in its current form it doesn’t meet safety standards and may pose a threat.

Two variants of replacement roof structure are to be proposed. One of them would respect the current design and provide cover by two independent ‘petals’ overlapping one-another. The second would represent a much more common and unified design.

In any of the proposed ways, the roof would be redesigned with respect to budget (RUB 20.2 billion) and very tight time frame, Krokus assures.