Moscow: Luzhniki ahead of schedule, prepared for earlier delivery

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Moscow: Luzhniki ahead of schedule, prepared for earlier delivery 1,500 people are working day and night to speed up works at Russia’s national stadium. It was the contractor’s choice in the wake of Russia’s economic instability.


LuzhnikiDuring yesterday’s inspection of the national stadium at Luzhniki deputy mayor Marat Khusnullin confirmed that the project is already 2 months ahead of schedule and is heading for delivery in late 2016 rather than spring 2017.

Construction speed-up is in the general contractor’s best interest due to Russia’s instable economic situation. Currently foundations are laid for most of the stands, while stands themselves are beginning to grow within the historical walls.

Also, the inner perimeter of the roof is being prepared for expansion. It’s soon to receive additional 11-meter segments to provide cover for new football-only stands closer to the field.

During his visit, Khusnullin confirmed that the stadium will receive a cable-car line connecting it with the southern bank of Moskva River. The car will begin at Luzhniki and end at Vorobyove Gory (Sparrow Hills) viewing point. In short, this is the view tourists and locals will have from the end station:

LuzhnikiPhoto: A.Savin (cc: by-sa)