Romania: New plans for 35,000-capacity stadium in Timisoara

source:; author: michał

Romania: New plans for 35,000-capacity stadium in Timisoara Another major sports project in Romania is awaiting fruition. New stadium for up to 35,000 people and an indoor arena of 13,000-15,000 are to be built in Timisoara. This time financed by the government.


Construction of a stadium and arena complex in Timisoara are to be carried out by Romanian Ministry of Regional Development. This may end a long-lasting ordeal for the largest western city of Romania, which failed time and again to modernize the dated sports infrastructure on its own.

Now local authorities are relieved financially from the burden, but this doesn’t mean waiting for the government to build it. Timisoara has to find 12 hectares of land with all necessary utilities and transfer the land to the ministry. Among considered locations are the current Stadionul Dan Paltinisanu and the northern avenue Calea Torontalului.

Should all documentation work go as planned, construction may begin already in 2015. Then it’s expected to take 3 years to deliver both venues. Project’s value is estimated at €85 million ($102.5m).

Stadionul Dan Paltinisanu