Poland: Chorzów stadium goes forward

source: StadiumDB.com; author: michał

Poland: Chorzów stadium goes forward Earlier today council members voted in support of the city budget. Enough money was secured to launch preparation works on the new Chorzów municipal stadium.


During today’s city council assembly in Chorzów members voted in support of proposed 2015 budget. With 17 for and only 5 against, this year preparations can begin to build the long-anticipated new stadium for Poland’s most successful club, Ruch (14 championships).

This year 2.5 million zloty ($700,000 / €600,000) was assigned for the stadium. This will be enough to deliver full documentation based on the existing concept. It should also be sufficient to run construction tender and if all goes well, we might see ground works beginning by year end.

Ruch Stadium

However, the road to Ruch’s new home is still long. Final capacity of the stadium hasn’t been set so far. The concept suggests 12,000 with potential to increase towards 16,000, but authorities and supporters are contemplating a move up. If it proves financially feasible, 16,000 might prove to be the initial size, while slight increase potential would be retained.

If works on site begin in 2015 or early 2016, it’s possible for the stadium to be delivered in 2018. However, it may as well be 2020, because the project will be phased. With one or two stands being revamped in a single phase, it would enable constant football use.