Moscow: Spartak’s stadium mobile-friendly

source:; author: michał

Moscow: Spartak’s stadium mobile-friendly High-speed and safe internet access to all fans allows a series of services to be deployed. Fans of Spartak should be able to order food to their seat, check parking availability or use other apps.


The latest 2018 World Cup stadium opened in Moscow utilizes a modern platform, which delivers high-density, high-security wireless broadband internet access to fans. It also ensures a direct link between stadium operator/Spartak and fans for enhanced services.

Those services are to include direct ordering of food and drinks to fan seats, sales of tickets and goods, seat and parking navigation, and so forth. Deployment of these systems at Otkritie Arena supports the operation of the stadium’s closed-circuit television (CCTV) system, which comes with video archiving capability, as well as its digital signage, telephony, and access control systems. It also facilitates customised fan services such as registration, ticket purchase history, and discounts.

Cooperation between Spartak and system provider Huawei dates back to 2013, when the stadium was still under construction. Early deployment allowed adjustments of the stadium’s facilities. The company also provided the stadium with advanced switches, routers, servers, storage systems, and an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), as well as a control system for revolving doors.

Otkritie Arena