Manchester: Another delay at Broadhurst Park

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Manchester: Another delay at Broadhurst Park It was due in September, October and then December. But all deadlines were passed and now the new FC United stadium is planned to be ready in February 2015.


Funded largely by contribution of FC United supporters, construction of the new stadium at Broadhurst Park is suffering from another delay. Its initial delivery time of 10 months (September 2014) proved far too optimistic to meet.

First blow came in September, when opening was rescheduled for October. At that time the field was deemed unplayable due to unusually dry summer which impeded grass growth. But October was also wide off the mark and delivery was postponed until December.

As we enter January works are still ongoing. Current deadline is set to February 2015. Manager Karl Marginson said: "It's like anything - there have been some snagging points.

"As far as I know there has been a little problem with the steel work. On site, we haven't got anywhere where you can store things, so we have to co-ordinate materials arriving. It's taking that little bit longer.

Broadhurst Park

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