London: Tottenham’s ordeal a month longer

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London: Tottenham’s ordeal a month longer After years of waiting a month shouldn’t make that much of a difference. But every small delay makes Tottenham’s plan of opening new stadium in 2017 at serious risk.


A High Court hearing that was due to begin yesterday and that could have huge implications for the future of Tottenham Hotspur’s plans to build a new stadium has been delayed, because not all of the parties concerned were ready to proceed.

The case, which revolves around firm Archway Sheet Metal Works’ (ASMW) challenge against a compulsory purchase order (CPO) that was awarded to the Premier League club by Secretary of State Eric Pickles last year, will now be heard on 17 and 18 February.

New Tottenham Stadium

Though it’s only a month of further delay after years already, the prolonged wait puts stadium delivery plan at risk. Currently Tottenham hope to open their desired new home in mid-2017, but construction needs to start soon to keep this goal realistic.

Archway’s plant is the single last business standing in the way of the 56,000-capacity stadium. It was put on fire in November, possibly in connection with the deadlock (subject to police investigation) after over a decade of refusing Tottenham’s proposals to sell. Archway’s grounds lie nearly at the heart of the anticipated stadium.