Glasgow: War over legendary Ibrox at hand

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Glasgow: War over legendary Ibrox at hand Public demonstrations, game boycott and now readiness to battle in court. Rangers supporters are ready to do anything to save their club’s biggest asset. Ibrox is threatened by millionaire Mike Ashley.


They were given as an example of how club community should unite back in 2012, when Rangers descended to the 4th league. Crowds were flocking the stadium, millions were raised to secure the future of Rangers. Now the club is again in extremely problematic situation.

Current board has been under criticism for months, but recently were revealed to plan a loan from Mike Ashley with Ibrox stadium as collateral. The £10 million loan doesn’t seem to guarantee anything aside of stripping the club of its assets as the board fails to present a solid plan of getting Rangers on their feet again.

Ibrox Stadium

Chairman David Somers previously promised Ibrox would never be used as security for greater debt, but he’s one of the men behind latest loan plan. Seeing no other way, supporters declared war on anyone trying to tear their club apart.

“Quite frankly this latest move by the board is legalised theft and we will not stand by and watch it happen. If necessary we will instigate legal action against the directors both collectively and individually”, a recent statement from Rangers Supporters Trust reads.  

Yesterday the Trust was joined by Rangers Fans Fighting Fund who have £500,000 from donations and are willing to aid the legal fight financially.