Moscow: VTB Arena to pay for itself in 9 years? Yes and no

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Moscow: VTB Arena to pay for itself in 9 years? Yes and no Moscow’s immense sporting-commercial complex is expected to recover its cost after just 9 years in operation. But it’s not the stadium that will bring biggest income.


VTB Arena will consist of conjoined stadium (26,000) and indoor arena (11,000) – a first ever combination. The two are expected to host 170 events annually.

With the stadium’s extensive hospitality zone (presidential suite, 40 skyboxes, panoramic restaurant, etc.) matchday revenue should be stable. Current attendances of Dynamo Moscow are in excess of 8,000 on average and are expected to grow significantly once the club return home on October 22, 2017. This is when, on Lev Yashin’s birthday, the club should play their home game.

VTB Arena

From that time it should take roughly 9 years to recover all of the immense cost of the entire project. But it has to be said stadium and arena revenue may not be the primary source for potential financial success. VTB Arena Park also consists of a shopping centre, office buildings and two hotels.

The stadium’s construction process is finally leaving ground after years of ground works. Eight of nine tower cranes are already standing on site and 500 people are working around the clock. Progress should become very visible next year!