Liverpool: Preparations launched at Anfield

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Liverpool: Preparations launched at Anfield The plot is cleared, now construction materials are arriving behind the Main Stand and foundation laying is about to begin. Before construction starts, see the video of what’s planned by Liverpool FC.


It’s been a really long way for Liverpool FC. From the 2000 New Anfield concept, through the 2007 vision of Hicks and Gillett, to the third and final redevelopment of current stadium. Now, after 1.5 decade of deliberations and failed attempts the project goes underway.

None of the homes along Lothair Rd and Alroy Rd are left behind the Main Stand. It’s a cleared and fenced off plot, where machinery and construction materials are now beginning to arrive. Ground works for foundations are beginning, making way for actual construction to start in early 2015.

The below clip shows how the Main Stand expansion will be phased. Contrary to similar projects in many other countries, work will go on behind the current stand for as long as possible to allow constant use. Only after the additional tier and new roof are delivered the old will merge with new: