Take part: Second Fan Shirt campaign!

source: FansEurope.org; author: michał

Take part: Second Fan Shirt campaign! The idea is simple: check your closets for unneeded club merchandise and donate it to refugees, who are in dire need of support. Read on to take part, that’s easy too.


As military conflicts in Ukraine, the Middle East and other areas go on, thousands of people had to leave their homes with nothing more than what they had on them. Now they’re stranded in refugee centers (either in their own countries or abroad) seeking shelter.

Bringing peace to their regions may take a long time, but giving them some peace of mind or a much-needed relief may be much easier. Football Supporters Europe have launched Second Fan Shirt, a simple charity campaign that has already spread to 6 countries.

Second Fan Shirt

How can you help: Go and view your closet. If you’re a football fan you may have spare jerseys, scarves, towels with your club’s colours on them. Any item of clothing will do. If you’re part of a larger group, you may be releasing your own clothing collections and have some spares. Sizing doesn’t matter, because entire families are seeking refuge from warzones.

If you’re in Austria, Croatia, England, Germany, Spain or Turkey, there already are coordinators of the action to lead you further. Check the list for updates in your region as the campaign will go on until the end of 2014. If you live anywhere else, you may still reach out to the closest coordinators geographically or perhaps start organizing your own branch of the campaign and support refugees in your domestic refugee centers?

It is easy to take part, and every form of donation initiative is welcome! Let’s show together that football supporters stand side by side in support with the refugees as the most tragically affected victims by the current conflicts around the world.