Swansea: Liberty Stadium to gain 6,000 new seats

source: southwales-eveningpost.co.uk; author: michał

Swansea: Liberty Stadium to gain 6,000 new seats 50% more than estimated initially – that’s the capacity increase update from Swansea City chairman. Instead of 4,000, the first phase of expansion will bring 6,000 seats and possibly 20 skyboxes.


Swansea City have been given planning permission for the Liberty Stadium expansion already in January 2014. Eventually, the stadium should hold 32,000-33,000 people. However, the first phase was to include 4,000 new seats, optionally 5,000.

Now chairman Huw Jenkins assured supporters the number has grown. As the east stand is expanded, its capacity will increase by 6,000, taking the stadium to 27,500 During the latest fan forum he revealed what changes occurred behind the scenes.

Liberty City© Alexander Ridler (cc: by-nc-sa)

He said: "The first phase has been redesigned recently. It is the East Stand. Initially that was going to be 4,000 extra seats, now it is going to be 6,000, taking us up to 27,500 seats.

"There are four floors on the new design which will be opened up, two as concourses and two as hospitality suites, and potentially 20 new boxes to hire. They are most of the details."

"Probably in six to 12 months we'll have a good guide about where we are. In terms of when we're actually going to start it could be anything from next January to next summer."

Jenkins assured supporters the club is not considering any bid to buy out the public stadium. “The Liberty” took £32 million to build and submitting a sum of this kind is a “non-starter” for City.