Rotherham: Commercial complex next to New York Stadium?

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Rotherham: Commercial complex next to New York Stadium? Up to 1,000 jobs may be created if Rotherham United owner is allowed to build his desired hotel and offices along New York Stadium. But decision needs to be made soon.


Tony Stewart, chairman and majority shareholder of Rotherham United, is the one behind the club’s new home and now wants to add further pieces to the puzzle. New York Stadium is to be adjoined by a hotel and offices. This would increase revenue possibilities and Stewart hopes might become a landmark.

But first a different landmark issue has to be solved. Closed and largely derelict Guest and Chrimes industrial facility covers a significant piece of the planned site. The building is incomplete and unused, but is also a listed monument and might stand in the way of the development.

Stewart said: “We have had architects looking at the site for two years and developers have told us it will take £5million before we start because of the listed status, depending on how much of it is preserved.

“English Heritage started by saying they wanted to keep all of the building but we are negotiating with them.

“I would like to keep most of the building but it might not be possible. It’s a matter of us getting together with the council and English Heritage and talking it through. We have a meeting planned in the next couple of weeks when I hope we can do exactly that.

“I know English Heritage are reasonable people so I’m hoping we can reach an agreement. The driving force is that I want to be able to build something we can all be proud of in Rotherham.

The club owner urges all parties to act as soon as possible, because the potential commercial partner may withdraw interest if no progress is made in 16 months.