Athens: AEK’s new stadium passed by Parliament

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Athens: AEK’s new stadium passed by Parliament Fans of the Yellow-Blacks had cause for celebration yesterday, as majority of the Parliament voted in support of their new stadium. Now the club only needs a planning permission to break ground.


Yesterday’s parliamentary votes included decision on the so called Article 81, which included the new stadium for AEK Athens in Nea Filadelfia district. The legislation was approved by majority of the Greek Parliament, seeing only two parties opposed. One of them was Syriza, who were earlier reported to be in favor of the stadium.

Agia Sofia

Latest approval follows green light by respective ministers and allows AEK to file a planning application for the stadium. Article 81 included additional 0.25 hectare of land to be transferred to the club in order to have enough room for the building. Since yesterday AEK own 2.91 hectares in Nea Filadelfia.

While the news is very comforting for fans and officials at the club, their desired 32,500-capacity stadium is already well behind its initial schedule. AEK were hoping to break ground in January 2014. Once launched, the construction will require 24 months to finish.