World Cup: Your matchday photos matter!

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World Cup: Your matchday photos matter! As with every mega event covered at, we reach out to our Users present on location. If you were lucky enough to get a ticket, have photos of local stadiums and would like to share any – this message is for you.


From the first days of the World Cup we’ve been keeping you up to date with venues, results and attendances in our special 2014 World Cup section. This comes as a special addition to our regular stadium presentations. And while we can never pack it with the excitement generated by the fascinating games, we’d like to give it a shot!

From early days of the tournament we’ve been uploading matchday photos from the 12 stadiums. Currently a few dozen images present almost every stadium of the World Cup from at least one game, mostly thanks to local organisers and Brazilian fans.

If you’ve been to any games and would like to share your images too, please let us know. You may do that by mailing your photos to or getting in touch with us via our facebook page!

Estadio NacionalPhoto: Kelly Sato (cc:by)