Rio de Janeiro: Wobbly staircase raises concerns

source:; author: michał

Rio de Janeiro: Wobbly staircase raises concerns A fan-made video clip shows how temporary staircase structure sways from side to side under hundreds of people. As disturbing as it is, some media outlets persistently claim the structure is at Maracana. Well, it’s not.


The below clip went viral in the last two days, showing how a temporary staircase leading to Maracana metro station losing stability when crowded. The video was shot after Maracana’s first World Cup game on Sunday. While in everyday use the structure worked fine, the immense crowd pouring out of the stadium all at once showed its deficiencies.

As the images went viral, journalists in Brazil, both domestic and foreign, followed the case and tried to find those responsible of loose parts at the structure. The local organizing committee denied responsibility, shifting it to the city authorities, who in turn sent journalists to state government.

What’s more important, however, is that the staircase was inspected the very next day and yesterday was reinforced to withstand the next large crowd. That one is expected today, in just a few hours, when people will leave Maracana after the Spain – Chile clash.

StadiumDB comment: An interesting fact for some readers may be that several media outlets persistently try to claim that the stadium itself isn’t safe. This is the case with popular website, among others, who claim the incident took place at Maracana, not outside of it. For those of you who aren’t sure, here’s a satellite shot of where the staircase is.