Poland: Roof over Białystok stadium ready

source: StadiumDB.com; author: michał

Poland: Roof over Białystok stadium ready Just over two months – this is how long (or short?) it took to deliver the primary roof structure over new 22,400-seater in Białystok. Entire stadium should be ready in mid-August.


On April 8 Promostal, subcontractor of OHL, began delivering roof girders to the site of Białystok’s new municipal stadium. Each segment weighed 27 tons and spanned over 40 meters, forcing the company to use special transport truck-sets and divide deliveries. Two pieces at a time, 25 shipments were made.

Stadion Miejski w BiałymstokuPhoto: Es12077

Installing 50 girders atop the new north and eastern stands took nearly two months. First ones were mounted in April, last piece adjoined the previously installed roof over west and south sides on Wednesday, June 18. This marked the delivery of entire primary roof structure, together weighing 3,000 tons.

Stadion Miejski w BiałymstokuNow polycarbonate panels are being installed atop the roof, while underneath installation works are ongoing in the stands. By August 19 the stadium should have 22,400 seats and by the end of the year this capacity should be made available for Ekstraklasa games by Jagiellonia.

First two stands of the stadium were delivered in mid-2013, allowing the football team to hold games with 6,100 and later 6,700 people. Built in two phases, the stadium had groundbreaking back in June 2010, but saw a long standstill after previous contractor, French consortium Eiffage, was banned from the site after growing delays.