London: Tottenham still waiting, local business anxious

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London: Tottenham still waiting, local business anxious It’s been over 90 weeks since the notion to grant compulsory purchase order for one business standing in the way of new stadium. Usually decisions like these are handled within 10-11 weeks.


Tottenham is still waiting for a decision by secretary of state whether to force one local company to sell their land. This is the only remaining obstacle keeping Spurs from building their new stadium.

Haringey Borough Council filed the notion for compulsory purchase order (CPO) back in September 2012, which means over 90 weeks have passed since that time. Meanwhile it usually takes 10-11 weeks to handle matters like this.

New Tottenham Stadium

Local member of parliament David Lammy yesterday asked the Department of Communities and Local Government when it would reach a decision on whether to grant the CPO. Nick Boles MP, parliamentary under-secretary for planning, said the case was “complex”.

Mr Bowles said: “This is a complex case. After the close of the inquiry there were matters in respect of which further views of the interested parties were sought and considered. This has delayed the decision in this case.

“We hope to issue the decision on this shortly. It is not appropriate to comment further as to do so may prejudice the Secretary of State’s decision.”

As if this wasn’t enough for Hotspur waiting to break ground on the new stadium, local shop and pub owners are voicing their concerns over part of the Northumberland Development Project. Businesses along Tottenham High Road are afraid that planned relocation of the local railway station will deprive their shops of match-day footfall. Changes to that element of the scheme are very unlikely, though.