Singapore: Dome opening postponed

source:; author: michał

Singapore: Dome opening postponed The ‘Causeway Derby’ between Singapore and Malaysia was to inaugurate the new national stadium of Singapore. But the game is now postponed indefinitely to give time for preparation.


Yesterday evening the Singaporean football association FAS informed that the planned derby between Singapore and Malaysia will not take place as planned, in June. The ‘Causeway Derby’ hoped to open Singapore Sports Hub needs to be postponed. Official reason behind the decision is time required to prepare the event.

"The initial response to the game has been very encouraging, confirming our belief that a Singapore-Malaysia game will always be a major crowd-puller," said FAS General Secretary, Winston Lee.

"Given the high turnout expected, and to ensure a truly memorable experience and spectacle for every spectator, FAS have concluded that it will need more time to prepare for the event."

Unofficially, though, the stadium is an issue itself. Initially planned to be ready in April this year, it’s still subject to testing and installation works. Also, the pitch sown on site instead of rolled out and needs more time until it reaches its optimum durability.

No new time for the game was given, but both national federations assure they’re hoping to find a date soon.