Scunthorpe: Consultations begin, new stadium closer

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Scunthorpe: Consultations begin, new stadium closer Groundbreaking isn’t on the horizon yet, but planning application may be filed within just 4-6 weeks, should all go well. Despite first consultation meeting yesterday, fans still don’t know where the stadium would be located.


The Iron chairman Peter Swann remained tight-lipped on the exact location of the proposed £18 million stadium yesterday, but hopes to submit a planning application in the next four to six weeks. As he took part in the presentation of United’s plans yesterday, he assured attendees everything is going along plans.

Mr Swann said the club would have “manageable debt” to finance the stadium and although he said it was “a slight gamble” he said he was willing to invest his own money in the project.

Scunthorpe United Stadium

“It is a slight gamble, but I am willing to put my money in to it to improve our facilities. I would rather put in three or four million in the ground for the future of the club rather than invest it here.

“We hope that we will get the land for free and we hope to be able to talk about that in the coming weeks. While the council is supporting us, we need to get on with it.”

Yesterday fans heard the 12,000 capacity stadium will be all-seater, with the main stand holding 5,000, behind both goals holding 2,000 and the opposite side stand – which Mr Swann revealed will house the away fans – having 3,000 seats.