Milan: AC Milan confirm interest in land for new stadium

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Milan: AC Milan confirm interest in land for new stadium As previously declared, AC Milan have officially confirmed their interest in acquiring part of Expo 2015 land in north-western Milan. This is where the new 55,000-capacity stadium will be built.


Next year the city of Milan will welcome the world at Expo 2015, north of the city centre. Large plots of land will be up for grabs as the event ends. AC Milan were confirmed to initiate talks over potential relocation to the Expo site already in 2013.

To confirm the club’s interest, official offer had to be issued by mid-March. This was reported to happen on Friday, assuring that Rossoneri are still determined to relocate first time since their opening game at San Siro in 1926.

The new stadium will occupy some 120,000 sqm and hold 55,000 people. This means a slight decrease from initially reported size of 60,000. With all seats covered, the structure will be designed in a way amplifying the atmosphere by improved acoustics. There will be panels to raise the sound towards the rafters and make the atmosphere extraordinary.

San SiroPhoto: Patrick Car