Manchester: Etihad Stadium expansion to begin shortly

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Manchester: Etihad Stadium expansion to begin shortly Lang O'Rourke, the company behind Etihad Stadium's construction, was selected to add 6,250 seats to the ground's south end. Works are expected to begin very soon and hoped not to obstruct matchdays.


As Manchester City announced today, Lang O'Rourke (the company, which originally constructed the stadium for the 2002 Commonwealth Games) will increase its capacity from 48,000 to 54,000 and expand the range of facilities for fans, corporate hospitality and visitors.

Engineering works are expected immediately, though preparations are required until actual construction can begin. Good news for fans of the possible English champions: they shouldn't worry about the stadium getting closed.

Etihad Stadium

Steve Coleby, leader for Laing O’Rourke’s Construction UK business, added: “Our team is known for delivering logistically complex engineering work, combining expertise from across the Laing O’Rourke Group and our specialist businesses.

“This, along with our use of the latest Digital Engineering technologies, will help us to deliver efficiently with minimal disruption during match days, concerts and other events hosted throughout the year.”

Manchester City are also very happy about one more thing: reservations for the new 6,250 season tickets are almost at capacity. This doesn't only mean increased revenue, but also possible expansion of the north side by further 6,250 soon after the first phase is done. These works will depend on demand, though. If both phases are carried out in the near future, Etihad Stadium will become Premier League's second largest stadium, only behind Old Trafford.

Tom Glick, chief commercial officer for Manchester City, said: “The waiting list for the expanded Etihad is already close to capacity and we look forward to seeing a sell-out 54,000 seat stadium as we open the 2015 season.

“Manchester City strives to provide its supporters and visiting fans with one of the best possible matchday experiences in the Premier League and European football. The success of this is demonstrated by games being sold out and ever rising demand from supporters for the waiting list, season tickets, matchday tickets and premium seating.