Germany: Finally solid time frame for new Karlsruhe stadium

source: /; author: michał

Germany: Finally solid time frame for new Karlsruhe stadium It's been nearly 9 years (!) since debate on the new stadium in Karlsruhe began. During that time barely anything has been established regarding the stadium itself. Only recently a location was selected, one where current Wildparkstadion stands.


Slowly talks between the municipality and Karlsruher SC are progressing. Based on a report, both sides are satisfied with where its all heading, but there are still some discrepancies as to the final outcome of the debate.

This seems to be a minor problem compared to the issue of stadium location. First started in 2005, the stadium debate led to a final selection as late as in February 2014. City council voted to build the new stadium where Wildparkstadion is currently.


Whether it's a completely new stadium or thorogh revamp, it still remains to be seen. And voted on – the decision by councillors should be made in late summer.

Another vote, this time October, will determine whether the municipality and Karlsruher SC should become partners in the project. Should that be approved, design of the stadium will follow in 2015. Full documentation and construction tender are then expected in 2016, while groundbreaking may come as late as 2017.