Germany: City council approved the new Zwickau stadium (again)

source:; author: michał

Germany: City council approved the new Zwickau stadium (again) With FSV supporters and officials in attendance, the Zwickau city council voted in favour of the new 10,000-capacity stadium. Preparatory works may start this autumn, delivery hoped for 2016/17 season.


Four independent stands with empty (end prepared for expansion) corners, 10,000 capacity including standing. We've seen this idea before, but despite high hopes Zwickau is still left without much stadium progress.

Last year's city council approval of the project was later cancelled on a technicality, so yesterday's council meeting drew a lot of attention. Fans and officials of FSV Zwickau watched as council members again vote in favour of the €18 million project, 28 for, 18 against and 1 abstaining.

The decision means we may see further steps in upcoming months. Preparatory works on site could begin in autumn, while actual construction is hoped to get under way in the summer of 2015.

With delivery time set for one year, the new stadium designed by local ARC architects may be ready in time for the 2016/17 season.