Germany: Scholz Arena needs to grow

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Germany: Scholz Arena needs to grow To meet the requirements of 2. Bundesliga, the stadium in Aalen has to be expanded. Within 1.5 year two stands will be changed to exceed the minimum of 15,000 capacity, according to


Scholz Arena in Aalen was under 12,000 not too long ago. Now the capacity stands at 13.251, which is still below the minimum expected for a 2. Bundesliga stadium. Further efforts are needed if VfR Aalen is to keep its license.

This is why before the beginning of 2014/15 season the stadium will get a new east stand, on the only end unoccupied so far. A year later expansion of the southern grandstand will finish. Currently the south side has spectator areas along half the pitch.

The league authorities agreed on a two-phase redevelopment overall. But the final decision whether to approve the scheme will only be made after complete documentation is ready.

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