Belgrade: Partizan stadium finally black and white

source:; author: michał

Belgrade: Partizan stadium finally black and white After numerous appeals from supporters, Partizan is now replacing all seats at the stadium to new ones in club colours. The project is done with Carlsberg breweries, who are to receive an advertising sign made of the seats in return.


So far the seats installed at Partizan's stadium in Hum area of Belgrade have been blue-yellow-red in colours, having absolutely nothing in common with the club's colours. This made fans appeal numerous times for a change to black and white.

Stadion PartizanTheir wish was announced to come true last Autumn, when Partizan reached an agreement with their main sponsor, Lav brewery (part of Carlsberg). In return for financial aid in running the operation Carlsberg's name will be included in the seating layout of the west stand. East side, as is today, will retain the word PARTIZAN.

Replacement of over 30,000 seats will last several weeks. First transports were presented by the club on January 21 and immediately caused enthusiasm, getting thousands of 'likes' on facebook. The same happened yesterday, when Partizan released the first photo of one end section with black seats installed. All of the replacement should end before the second part of the season.