Hungary: A stadium revolution in the making?

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Hungary: A stadium revolution in the making? Along with the football federation of Hungary, Wiktor Obran’s government approved a resolution that envisaged 27 stadiums of two top leagues being thoroughly renovated by 2016! After Budapest and Debrecen already two new stadium projects are planned for launch.


We’ve already emphasized the impressive pace of Hungarian stadium changes as construction proceeds with great speed in Debrecen and Budapest (renderings for both seen below). The first 20,000-seater has been presented at since February, while today we give you the first look at Budapest’s Ferencvaros construction site. However, all indications say these are only the first changes in stadium infrastructure.

The government agreed to cooperate with local authorities and the football federation HFF on a real wave of new projects. The aim is a great one: thoroughly renovate 27 of the 32 stadiums in first and second divisions. And all this within a very tight time frame that ends in 2016.

Albert Florian Stadion & Nagyerdei Stadion

Resolution signed by the government to reach the goal envisages some HUF 40 billion being spent on the stadiums from central budget. This may sound like a lot of money, but it’s just over €130 million and $180 million.

The central funding isn’t planned to cover all expenses, though. Local authorities will have to share the burden, but with governmental support remodeling works should start soon. Already now a HUF 10.8 billion project is expected to be carried out in Székesfehérvár, the home of Videoton. Also another team from Budapest, Honved, express their will to take part in the plan and get a new stadium to replace the current one.

Seeing the exceptional efficiency of Hungarian stadiums currently under construction it seems that both the timeline and budgets may be realistic.