Belgium: Zulte-Waregem stadium construction to Begin in September?

source:; author: michał

Belgium: Zulte-Waregem stadium construction to Begin in September? Three new stands and renovation of the fourth one – that’s the plan for 2014 in Belgian town of Waregem. Financing hasn’t been completely secured so far, though.


After the merger of Zulte and Waregem football clubs a few years back, the situation is more stable and the new clubs hopes to build upon it. Not only in terms of finance and sporting level, but literally build a new stadium to replace Regenboogstadion.

The project is expected to be launched in September 2014 and price estimates give a sum of over €20 million for the operation. Funding would be a mixed one, with both public and private participation.

Largest portion proposed so far would come from the sale of land next to the stadium, where a hotel and apartments would be built. This should deliver €8 million. However, so far the club lacks some €5 million to reach the goal and needs to secure this amount.


The new stadium wouldn’t be all new – the east stand of Regenboog (with red roof in the photo) is to be retained and renovated upon incorporation into the new football-specific layout. Together with three reimaging sections the stadium will hold 14,000 people, 2,000 of whom would be offered standing room only.