USA: Suicide attempt at Oakland Coliseum

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USA: Suicide attempt at Oakland Coliseum A rare (thankfully) and frightening situation unveiled yesterday at the Oakland Coliseum. Young woman climbed to the top of the stands and jumped out of the stadium. The fall was softened by a fan jumping in between her and the concrete. Both are alive, but hospitalised.


Shocking sight unveiled yesterday in Oakland as fans were leaving the stadium after their team Raiders lost to Tennessee Titans. The attention of spectators was caught by a young woman who climbed atop the third tier of seating of the west end (the sections are off-limits to fans) and bent outside.

Oakland Coliseum

Despite people shouting for her not to jump, she plunged some 45-50 feet down (14-15 meters) towards the concrete promenade surrounding the stands. Unexpectedly a man jumped in just before she hit the ground, breaking her fall.

Both were taken to hospital. The woman, whose motives are still unknown, is in critical condition. Meanwhile the 61-year-old man who stepped in should be released soon.