Spain: Club doubles capacity to welcome Real Madrid

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Spain: Club doubles capacity to welcome Real Madrid Third league side Olimpix de Xativa is to face Real Madrid in Copa del Rey. To mark the occasion and generate additional revenue the club will increase capacity to 6,000 seats, pricing tickets at €50-100.


For the small town south of Valencia it's a really festive event. After returning to the third league in 2011 and achieving best results since 1988, now domestic cup draw matched Olimpic with mighty Real Madrid.

Los Blancos will visit Xativa on December 7 and a special meeting for all socios (individual shareholders) of the club was arranged specifically to discuss the logistics. It was decided that capacity of Camp Murta will be increased from 3,600 seats (main stand) to 6,000 just for that single game.

Camp Murta

Members of the club will be seated at the main stand, paying €25 each, while all non-members drawn to the game by Real's stars will need to pay up to four times more. The club aims to make the game a financial boost with 2,400 temporary seats for remaining three stands (wouldn't be allowed normally as they are terraces) priced at €50 each. For the main grandstand non-members would have to pay up to €100.

Children under 6 years old are to be allowed free of charge (older kids will see prices of €25), but only on condition that they would not occupy a seat, sharing one with their guardian.