Fans' Guide: All you need to know while planning stadium tours across Europe

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Fans' Guide: All you need to know while planning stadium tours across Europe Away games, business trips or just holidays – if you're reading our website, you're probably visiting stadiums on every occasion anyway. Now you can get the much-needed help in getting around. Download now to find out!


Whenever we go anywhere, we're always checking out the stadiums to visit, the clubs who play there and basically anything that may be useful. But so far it's been a piece of really hard work and knowing all to-do's and no-go's wasn't possible until we were back. A bit too late...

The more happy we are to let you know the FSE Fans' Guide App is out. And it's free. And it's non-profit, it's simply by fans for fans. And by us as well, but we're fans ourselves, so we shouldn't count ourselves separately. Still, is proud to be part of this by contributing stadium-related info for the App.

If you want to feel proud too, please take a moment to fill in the questionnaire about your local football club and its environment, it may help someone from the other side of Europe to find their way around your place and make planning a lot easier. Remember: it's by fans for fans and no-one takes benefit from it more than the users, so all help is welcome.

The application is available for free at the App Store and Google Play, so dig in the very first version, containing some 60 clubs. More are to come and your input might be the thing that tens, hundreds or thousands of people may find very useful!

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