England: Two weeks until Sheffield stadium demolition

source: BBC.co.uk; author: michał

England: Two weeks until Sheffield stadium demolition Despite dramatic appeals by opposition campaigners, Don Valley Stadium's fate is sealed. City council decided that demolition is to begin on November 21, according to the BBC.


It seems the debate ongoing for months, especially heated after Jessica Ennis won her gold medal having prepared at this stadium, is coming to and end. City council has set the demolition date of Don Valley Stadium to November 21.

The decision was reached despite significant opposition to the plan. Campaigners gathered almost 6,000 signatures against the demolition and asked for 6 months to submit a detailed rescue plan that would see Don Valley Stadium become self-sufficient and not be a burden for the budget any more.

Isobel Bowler, cabinet member for culture, sport and leisure, said: "The petitioners came to say that they had a vision and they could run the stadium at no cost to the council.

"Whilst that seemed great they were never able to produce a plan to indicate how they would do this." She said campaigners had asked for the stadium, where Team GB Olympic gold medallist Jessica Ennis-Hill trains, to be mothballed for six months at a cost to the council of £180,000.

"There was no evidence that they were going to be able to deliver what they hoped to deliver," she said.