Brussels: Anderlecht to abandon spiritual home?

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Brussels: Anderlecht to abandon spiritual home? Belgium's most popular club is likely to abandon not only its current stadium, but also the Anderlecht district of Brussels. Agreement is likely for the team to move to new national stadium in northern Brussels, according to


In 2010 RSC Anderlecht announced plans to redevelop their existing Constant Vanden Stock Stadion by adding a third tier and completely new facade/roof superstructure. Since then the plan has suffered from numerous setbacks, of which some concern the stadium's planned height and increased traffic.

Now it may turn out that not only redevelopment plans will be abandoned, but the current stadium altogether. Anderlecht is supposedly very likely to get involved in Belgium's new national stadium, that is planned to be built across the road from Koenig Boudewijn Stadion in northern Brussels.

The controversial scheme would see a completely new football-only stadium built for the national team and Anderlecht. As it is to be privately funded, Anderlecht's involvement is crucial for economic reasons: no other organiser is able to fill the future stadium every two weeks. Initially the plan was to have a retractable roof, but now it's more probable a more traditional ground would be built in an attempt for Brussels to host Euro 2020.