USA: New noise record broken in Kansas City

source: AP; author: michał

USA: New noise record broken in Kansas City It’s barely been a month since Seattle Seahawks set their record noise inside a football stadium. Now there’s a new number replacing it, set past weekend in Kansas City.


In mid-September Seattle Seahawks fans paid for the Guinness World Record observer to check and confirm their noise record at CenturyLink Field. They were preceded by Galatasaray supporters in Turkey, who did the very same thing in 2011.

And Seattle proved louder than Istanbul, even if only just (131.9 compared to 131.76 decibels). But that record is now history as Kansas City Chiefs set a new, much higher one during their last game at Arrowhead Stadium against Oakland Raiders. Peak noise level at Arrowhead Stadium stands at 137.5, easily beating both previous scores.

The record-setting attempt was planned by Chiefs fans but had support of the organization, which paid $7,500 to fly an adjudicator from Guinness to Kansas City to document the effort. It turned out to be Philip Robertson, who also was on hand when the Seahawks set their mark.