New stadiums: Skopje and Struga

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New stadiums: Skopje and Struga We've got two nice additions for you tonight. One is a stadium almost literally lying on the beach (of a really beautiful lake!) and the other houses a... chickencoop.


Stadion Gjorče Petrov (3,000)

Stadion Gjorce Petrov

Built in 1982, this modest stadium stands in the western outskirts of Skopje, in the district of Gjorče Petrov. It has two stands, both of which used to be all-seated in early 00s, but was converted to partly terraced stadium and increased capacity since the local club Makedonija is not in the first league any more.

Stadion Gradska Plaža (1,000)

Stadion Gradska Plaża

This small stadium in south-western Macedonia deserves notice for its location. The only grandstand, by the south side of the pitch, lies just over 10 meters from the coast of Ohrid Lake, one of Europe's most beautiful and the very oldest lake on the continent, important piece of UNESCO's heritage list.

The stadium itself is just off the municipal beach in Struga, thus the name “Gradska Plaža” (Municipal Beach). For several years it had 500 seats installed for all-seater capacity, but those were eventually removed, increasing the size.