Spain: Huge fines for regular tifo in Cadiz

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Spain: Huge fines for regular tifo in Cadiz 17 supporters of Cadis CF are to be fined with €6,000 each. Not for hooliganism, discrimination or any other disturbing behaviours. Their sole guilt is making a tifo.


On Saturday Estadio Ramon de Carranza hosted the third league game between Cadiz CF and Algeciras CF. Before the first whistle, home supporters unveiled a large tifo celebrating 20 years of activity by Brigadas Amarillas and Bukaneros fan groups.

The flag was approved by match organisers, carried no abusive or prohibited content. Yet 17 members of the latter group are to receive €6,000 fines, because the police claims they had no approval from their side and the flag compromised safety.

Once the fines are confirmed, fans will have the chance to appeal against such treatment.

Estadio Ramon de Carranza