Porto Alegre: Gremio's famous sign already at new Arena

source: StadiumDB.com / Gremio; author: michał

Porto Alegre: Gremio's famous sign already at new Arena Before tonight's game against Santos Gremio supporters will welcome the famous sign celebrating world championship for the club from 1983. The sign was removed from old Olimpico Monumental and then restored.


Exactly two months ago the famous blue sign saying “Gremio Campeão do Mundo” was removed from the top of Estadio Olimpico Monumental and sent for restoration. Photos published by Gremio clearly show that the letters were altered, but are said to be the very same ones installed back in 1983, when Gremio won the intercontinental championship.

The sign has been reinstalled in the western part of Arena do Gremio ahead of tonight's game against Santos, when fans will be able to view it for the first time. Club officials hope this will give the new stadium a stronger identity and connect it with the history of 'Tricolor'.

Gremio Campeao do Mundo