Madrid: Winning project to be known soon

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Madrid: Winning project to be known soon It's been a very long wait for Real Madrid supporters, but indications say it may soon come to a happy end. President Florentino Perez assured decision is to be made soon.


Back in October last year, Real revealed four individual plans for the renovation of their stadium, with the Spanish champions eager to increase their match-day revenue. One of the finalists was to be chosen within weeks of that date, but until today no selection has been made.

"I want a stadium that doesn't look like a stadium and is profitable" Perez told reporters upon the announcement of the stadium plans.

"The redevelopment will cost between €300million and €400m," Perez said.

"The winning project will be awarded in the next few weeks."

The revamp will include a new outer shell of the stadium and roof. Also, long the main street a hotel and shopping centre are to be created, increasing revenues. Within the existing seating layout changes are to be made, allowing for larger matchday income from corporate seats. Capacity increase is also possible.