London: Surprise bidder might win the Tottenham stadium contract?

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London: Surprise bidder might win the Tottenham stadium contract? While most big names of the industry are expected to bid for Tottenham's new stadium deal, a new name arises and might surprise other candidates for the job. A joint venture from McLaren and Spanish FCC is said to be prepared.


McAlpine, Lang O'Rourke, BAM – these names fighting for the Tottenham new stadium contract, worth over £400m, won't surprise anyone. But they may face a new contender for the job.

McLaren is said to be teaming up with FCC from Spain in a bid to build their largest project ever. And while the company is smaller than others, it doesn't only have a strong partner, but also very good experience with Spurs. McLaren delivered their new £45m training centre and is now working on the first phase of Northumberland Development project, the large Sainsbury's supermarket neighbouring the future stadium.

A source at one major stadium builder said: “Most of the big names will go for this but the word in the industry is that McLaren and FCC could be the surprise package.

“McLaren has strong links with the club but this would be its biggest job to date so linking-up with a larger player with stadium experience makes sense.”