Baku: Olympic Stadium ahead of schedule

source:; author: michał

Baku: Olympic Stadium ahead of schedule Largest in the region, host venue of 2015 European Games and maybe a Euro 2020 host as well – the biggest sports project in Baku is growing amazingly fast. With 70,000 capacity it may be delivered in less than two years.


Well over half of 2012 specialist crews were draining and decontaminating the swamps near central Baku. Today works on the new stadium replacing the marshes are under way with foundations laid and concrete supports growing rapidly.

Taking into account the scale of this project, pace seems to be extremely fast. The time frame suggests delivery in late 2014, which means less than two years for a 70,000-capacity stadium.

Meanwhile contractors claim they're already ahead of schedule. “We're working day and night, one shift replaces another. Usually this kind of project lasts long and costs lives, but we've had no accident”, says one of the engineers asked by Azerisport. And let's hope it stays that way.