New Zealand: How much did the Dunedin stadium cost taxpayers?

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New Zealand: How much did the Dunedin stadium cost taxpayers? It may be revolutionary in its concept, but this doesn't come as too much of a consolation for citizens who financed it. From NZ$ 198 million the total cost affiliated to the stadium may grow to 260 million, according to Otago Daily Times.


Forsyth Barr Stadum isn't enjoying good press. Ever since the project began it's been subject to criticism which doesn't seem to ease now, with elections upcoming and the issue being used politically.

The very idea behind first ever covered stadium with natural turf may be a breakthrough globally, but it's not that enjoyable when one has to pay for that revolution. Initially planned at NZ$ 198 million (€120m / $155m), the venue ended up with a budget of NZ$ 224.4 million.

With widespread criticism of the project, many protesters demanded heads to roll, but Mayor Dave Cull released his report on the project, claiming no-one can be singled out as culpable of the cost increase. He blames the complexity of the stadium and management issues.

Now the total cost of the project may rise again as Dunedin City Council staff have begun collating a ''comprehensive'' list of stadium-related costs, spanning almost the last decade, to be published later this year.

Dave Cull said the list would include the cost of purchasing Carisbrook, bailing out the Otago Rugby Football Union and realigning State Highway 88, among other non-construction costs.

He did not know exactly what the extra costs would amount to, but the Otago Daily Times understands if included they would push the stadium bill beyond $260 million.