Australia: Hi-tech solutions specified for Perth Stadium

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Australia: Hi-tech solutions specified for Perth Stadium The West Australian government said today it had handed a 2000-page document, containing a list of specifications, to three consortiums vying to build the new sports venue. Jumbotrons, 2,000 TV sets, WiFi – check the list of expectations.


The state government wants the new 60,000-capacity venue to have two super-screens at least 20m by 12m in size.

The many smaller television screens will be spread throughout the concourse, while radio commentary will be played into the toilet facilities.

The stadium will also feature wi-fi access, mobile phone quiet zones and at least 10 mobile phone recharging stations.

Players are also in for a luxury experience, with facilities including four six-person plunge pools, as well as two 12-person hot tubs.

Two of the warm-up rooms will also double as an indoor cricket practice facility.

Sport and Recreation Minister Terry Waldron said pre-construction works were progressing well at the Burswood Peninsula site.

The consortiums have until mid-December to submit a fully-costed response.

The successful consortium will be selected by June next year.